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INNER "Anti-glycation + Anti-oxidation" = REAL Anti-aging - Axxzia AG Drink 5th

by Yusum Chan 29 Sep 2022 0 Comments

"Greater power for adult women...."

With this in mind, "AG Drink 5th" is a luxurious blend of carefully selected five types of botanical materials and fish collagen. This supports every day that is lively and lively from the inside. An ideal beauty beverage containing selected herbal mixture to support your inner beauty against aging to have a beautiful life.


What is Glycation

Glycation is the covalent attachment of a sugar to a protein or lipid. Our collagen in the skin is a type of protein that is in charge of the skin's elasticity and firmness. When sugar gets attached to the skin's collagen, the collagen begins the glycation process and starts to break down and become less elastic. Not only that, there are wastes and by-products of the glycation process called Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs), that cause oxidative stress to the skin and body, which in turn, accelerate the ageing process. Glyoxal is also a toxic dicarbonyl compound capable of damaging cells via AGE formation. One of the AGEs formed in the presence of glyoxal is carboxymethyl lysine (CML), which has been used extensively as a biomarker for aging.


Sale No.1 in Japan Rakuten Market !! Cumulative Net Sales have reached 490 thousand boxes from 2018-2020.

AXXZIA AG Theory AG Drink 5th

A drink that takes care of your appearance and health from the inside, and protects your body from glyco-ageing. One serving of the drink per day will contribute to protecting your body from glyco-ageing. The process of glycation, the connection of proteins with sugar, affects not only the skin, but the whole system, organs, tissues and cells in the body.

The collagen protein, weighed down by glucose, loses its flexibility and becomes stiff, the skin becomes prone to sagging and wrinkling. The final products of the destructive process impair the transparency of the upper layer of the epidermis, leading to dull and lifeless skin.

Axxzia AG Theory AG Drink resists glycation processes, supports the production of collagen by the body, due to scientifically combined concentrates of plant origin.


Strongly recommended by Crystal, Zhang Tian'ai

Key Ingredients

Cherry Blossom
Cherry blossom (Sakura) is a symbolic flower of Japan like Mount Fuji. Its extract is precious since the blooming period is rather short, just one week!

Purple Chrysanthemum flower
The flower has been traditionally taken as a food in the north area of Japan. It is called a life lengthening herbs in those areas.

European Hawthorn
Extract from fruit of Hawthorn is traditionally used as medical herbs to condition the stomach in China and Europe.

Huttuynia cordata 
This plant is an aromatic medicinal herb widely grown in Japan. It has a very strong life force and was reported as the only herb that survived the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There are two type of Chamomile, one is german Chamomile which is suitable as herb tea. The other one is Roman Chamomile traditionally used as a herbal medicine. The latter is used in AG Drink Plus.

Grape Leaf
Grape leaf contain plenty of polyphenol and is a very effective anti-oxidant. It is common to drink as a herb tea at winery in Europe.

Mangosteen is called "Queen of Fruits". It contains polyphenol and glycoside for good health and beauty.

Rhodiola rosea root
This is a succulent plant grows naturally at a highlands area of the northern hemisphere. Its root is used in China as medicine.

Palo Azul
This herb naturally grows in Paraguay in South America where it is called as treasure herb of the country. People in Paraguay drink this regularly as tea called "Mate tea".

Fish Collagen (Marine collagen)
Fish collagen is a low molecular substance extracted from skin and scale of fish. The absorption of its collagen into the skin is better than standard collagen from animals because of smaller molecular size.


AXXZIA Venus Recipe AG Drink 5th 25ml×30


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Address: 302 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

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