Dive into the world of TAMBURINS with these four uniquely captivating perfume balms, each offering an alluring...
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Dive into the world of TAMBURINS with these four uniquely captivating perfume balms, each offering an alluring fragrance to match your mood and style.

CHAMO: This balm is a comforting embrace of thick chamomile, soft wood grains, and musk, perfect for soothing your senses with its warm, herbal aroma​.

HOLY METAL: Experience the serene yet profound scent of HOLY METAL, where cypress leaf, cold metal, and white musk converge to create an ambiance reminiscent of a tranquil, sacred space​.

SUEDE PEAR: SUEDE PEAR combines the crispness of cool pear with the rich texture of suede, and the deep notes of bitter galbanum and amber musk, crafting a sophisticated and layered fragrance​​.

LALE: LALE offers a fresh burst of dewy green apple and white tulip, complemented by sandalwood, spicy leather, and a hint of mimosa, making it a vibrant and refreshing choice​​.

Key Features:

Travel-Friendly: Each balm is designed in a convenient, portable format, making it easy to carry and apply.
Unisex: Suitable for all genders, these balms are versatile for any occasion.
Rich Texture: The balms have a soft texture that applies smoothly and subtly releases the fragrance through the warmth of your skin.
Crafted in Korea: Made with high-quality ingredients and attention to detail, ensuring a lasting fragrance experience.
How to Use:
Twist the bottom of the balm container to expose the product and apply lightly to pulse points such as the wrists and behind the ears. The warmth of your body will naturally enhance the diffusion of the scent.

Each fragrance balm not only offers a unique scent but also serves as an expression of personality. Whether you're seeking something soothing, sacred, sophisticated, or spirited, TAMBURINS has a scent to resonate with your personal style.

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I love it. I will order again soon for my secure stock. Just -1 star means because it is very small.

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