TAMANOHADA Naturally Refreshing & Fragrant Conditioner 540ml

🍑Introduction🍑 A non-silicone type fragrance shampoo that enjoys the scent.Cleans hair and scalp with plenty of fine...
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Product Type: Hair Conditioner
Type: 000 Lavender 薰衣草
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A non-silicone type fragrance shampoo that enjoys the scent.
Cleans hair and scalp with plenty of fine foam.



  • Japanese Non Silicon Hair Shampoo: The natural dandruff shampoo is silicone free. The hair and scalp will be thoroughly washed with plenty of fine foam to keep your healthy hair. Based on the high quality essential oil, a perfumed flavor of fragrance is superimposed

  • A Fragrance of Gardenia Flower: A scent of the gardenia flower blended with lemon oil and ylang-ylang oil will impress people with sensual sweetness and it's also an almost natural anti dandruff shampoo for dry and damaged hair

  • The Natural Shampoo for Men and Women: The organic japan hair shampoo contains multiple plant-based cleaning ingredients and the hair moisturizing element to make it realistic glossy hair and smooth texture as it is used with TAMANOHADA hair conditioners with avocado oil



000 Lavender - A fragrance of lavender that floral elegance drifts.

001 Orange - Bitter Orange Flower scent of fresh green, imaged by orange flowers.

002 Musk - An elegant and refreshing scent blending an elegant musk with transparent sheer floral.

003 Rose - Pure, a powerful sweetness, a scent of damask rose.

004 Gardenia - A fragrance of gardenia flower with a resolute impression while having sensual sweetness.

005 Fig - Fragrance that imagined figs of deep, figurative leaves to feel the richness of fresh green.







BG, behenyl alcohol, fragrance, behen trimonium chloride, octyl dodecanol, glyceryl stearate (SE),

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