SANTEN Fx Eye Drop Sliver 参天fx 银色眼药水

SANTEN FX Neo Eye Drops 12ml

🍑Introduction🍑   Feel exceptionally refreshed with a cool sensation application!A refreshing series that reinvigorates tired eyes Sante...
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Feel exceptionally refreshed with a cool sensation application!
A refreshing series that reinvigorates tired eyes

Sante FX neo is an eye drop that brightens your mood immediately after the refreshing sensation drops are applied. From students preparing for tests to hard workers - eye discomfort is cleared up immediately and you will feel like you can keep on going.





Neosuchi gummy down methyl sulfate salt: by 0.005% focus adjustment function improving action, to improve, such as eye fatigue. Taurine: This lively 1.0% eyes of tissue metabolism. Potassium L- aspartic acid: increases of 1.0% eyes of the organization breathing. Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride: reduces the congestion of 0.05% conjunctiva (the part of the white of the eye). Chlorpheniramine maleate: to suppress the work of 0.03% histamine, reduces the itching of inflammation-eye of the eye. Epsilon over-aminocaproic acid: reduces the 1.0% causative substance production of inflammation. As an additive, chlorobutanol, benzalkonium chloride, boric acid, d-borneol, dl-camphor, l-menthol, and contains a pH adjusting agent.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Jones

Love these eye drops. They are great for tired eyes, really refresh them. The first time I used them was like “whoa” because they feel like mints for your eyes. If you have red, tired eyes, I recommend you give these a try.

Doris Bloor

For the first time I tried Sante's Neo FX I thought I just got pranked as it rather felt burning my eyes instead of refreshing them. After a few occasions you can use to it, and start feeling the real refreshing effect. Once you make your fist batch empty, you'll order the next one, it's so amazing. :)

Rachel Lopez

Mint eyedrops? Who would have thunk. They don't burn but end up cooling the eyes and relieving redness and dryness.

Eden Whit

Just simply one drop and your eyes are brighter. At first it's a bit burning feel to it but it goes away about in 15 sec. Eyes feels fresher and they have cooling effect and super white. I really like this and i'am sure i will repurchasing by the time i run out of it.

Sebastiane McDonald

great product, gives cool feelings to tired and burning eyes. I have dry eyes, I am not sure it is good for dry eyes.

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