Dreaming Red Mud Wrinkle Moisture Balm ROSETTE 红泥抗皱水润妆卸霜

ROSETTE Dreaming Red Mud Wrinkle Moisture Balm 90g

🍑Introduction🍑 Dreaming Balm Red Clay Wrinkle Moisture is an anti-aging and moisturizing cleansing balm for aging skin...
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Dreaming Balm Red Clay Wrinkle Moisture is an anti-aging and moisturizing cleansing balm for aging skin from Rosette, a Japanese company. Designed for skin with visible signs of aging. Suitable for combination, dry, oily, mature skin. 


This Japanese cleansing balm with red clay and red fruit is specially formulated for busy, time-constrained mature women. It has an incredibly rich, silky smooth texture that cushions and protects skin from cleansing friction. Mineral-rich red clay, rosehip oil and enzyme remove, dissolve and break down makeup, dead skin cells and impurities while protecting the skin's moisture barrier. A blend of red fruits including sea buckthorn, pomegranate and tomato improves skin firmness, restores radiance and a healthy glow to the complexion. The balm thoroughly removes makeup while cleansing pores, renews skin and replenishes moisture while acting as a massage balm. Rosette Yumemiru Balm Red Clay Wrinkle Moisture makes the skin clean, soft and supple, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The balm has a pleasant scent of fresh flower tea. The product does not contain parabens and alcohol. 

🍑How To Use🍑

Make sure your hands and face are dry. Gently warm the balm in your palm and massage gently with circular motions onto dry skin. Rinse thoroughly with water. For optimal results, follow with Rosette Red Wrinkle Cleansing Paste.





Morococci germ oil, ethylhexyl palmitinic acid, tri (caprylic acid / capric acid) glyceryl, myristate isopropyl, polyglyceryl-10, polyethylene, polyglyceryl dicharylate-6, polyglyceryl-2, 1, 2-hexanic acidiol, kaolin, kaolin , Canana rose fruit oil, pomegranate oil, hipofaerum-needess fruit oil, kiicho fruit extract, pomegranate extract, tomato fruit extract, hematococcus pulse oil, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid Na, hydroxypropyllimonium, ceramide, ceramide Ng, ceramide NP, ceramide AP, jojoba seed oil, squalin, protease, water, hydrogenated lecithin, phytosterols, glycerin, cyclopentasiloxane, BG, dimethicone, hydroxylated Al, steerile glutamate 2NA, lauroyl lysine, iron oxide, perfume

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sharon Coleman

First time to try cleansing balm. Awesome!

Amber Ramirez

it is a fruit flower tea scent which is an unique scent. I like it

Amanda Payne

This is mainly for aging care. I reckon the emulsification is not as good as the green one. However, overall, it is good.

Victoria Martinez

When you wash it off, you can feel that the makeup is completely removed, but the skin is moist without drying. Light eye makeup can be removed without any problems, but you may need double clean for waterproof mascara.

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