Serum N POLA 宝丽 Wrinkle Shot 去皱纹抗皱精华液
Serum N POLA 宝丽 Wrinkle Shot 去皱纹抗皱精华液
Serum N POLA 宝丽 Wrinkle Shot 去皱纹抗皱精华液
Serum N POLA 宝丽 Wrinkle Shot 去皱纹抗皱精华液

POLA Wrinkle Shot Serum 20g

🍑Introduction🍑 Wrinkle improvement medical serum including POLA’s original active ingredient "“NEI-L1"”*1 Establishment of 3D Dynamism Theory Supporting...
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Wrinkle improvement medical serum including POLA’s original active ingredient "“NEI-L1"”*1 Establishment of 3D Dynamism Theory Supporting the generation of dermis components by inhibiting the degradation of dermis components Allergy tested (Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy)


By the movement of the facial expression, attention to such expressions pressure to the skin. In veil of moisture that are both the sense of firmness and flexibility, aiming to beautiful skin to move supple according to the facial expression, medicated essence made inconspicuous small wrinkles caused by drying

2017, to improve for the first time ※ 1 wrinkle in Japan was approved as ※ 2 quasi-drugs, Wrinkle shot Medical Serum.
The results of the subsequent Paula wrinkles research, that was focused this time, the flexibility of the skin.
As you move the facial expression, temporarily wrinkles appear in the eyes and mouth.
While unaware of, reduces the flexibility of the foundation of the skin, that tends to take a long look pressure
In internal skin is the reserve army of wrinkles was in progress. The important thing is to increase the flexibility of the foundation of the skin.

Wrinkle shot Geo Serum Paula original cosmetic ingredients ※ 3 “Motion S Liquid” ※ 4 that focuses on the flexibility of the skin,
Blended “NERE liquid” to support the skin to move supple.
In addition, Paula’s highest-aging care series B.A a common YAC extract, EG clear extract, cornflower extract combination.

Forming a film that was both a sense of firmness and flexibility, motion skin veil prescription adopted aimed at the skin to move supple (stratum corneum) according to the facial expression.

※ 1: 2016 of October, Paula Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. examined.
※ 2: determined in Japan cosmetics Society, in anti-wrinkle evaluation criteria for product evaluation guidelines for the acquisition of new efficacy, significance were obtained.
※ 3: moisturizing
※ 4: rough skin cosmetic ingredients cranesbill extract to prevent the active ingredient glycyrrhizinate 2K, burnet extract, assembly extract, Paula original mixed ingredient plus ursolic acid benzyl


🍑How To Use🍑

Amount of Use

2 drops of 5 mm diameter per one area (laugh lines, outer corner of both eyes, around the eyes and forehead).

Lasts for about 4 months when used on 1 site. Lasts for about 2 months when used on 2 sites.






POLA 宝丽 Wrinkle Shot 去皱纹抗皱精华液20g商品描述

POLA 宝丽 Wrinkle Shot 去皱纹抗皱精华液20g商品描述

Active ingredient: trifluoride isopropyloxopropylaminocarbonylpyrrolidinecarbonylmethylpropylaminocarbonylbenzoylaminoacetic acid Na Other ingredients: dimethicone, petrolatum, crosslinked dimethicone, methacrylic acid ester resin powder, glyceryl triethylhexanoate, sericite, cyclopentasiloxane, trimethylsiloxysilicate, hydrogenated polybutene, cyclohexylglycerin, squalane, oil-soluble arnica extract, oil Soluble chamomile extract, oil-soluble peach leaf extract, royal jelly extract, thyme extract-1, horsetail extract, hydroxyapatite, di(phytosteryl/octyldodecyl) lauroyl glutamate, liquid paraffin, light isoparaffin, tri(caprylic/capric) glyceryl, BG, Water, silicic anhydride, zinc oxide, fragrance

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Melissa Page

I can feel that my wrinkles are definitely reduced! It's not too heavy, but it feels moisturizing. Will buy again

Heather Snyder

My acne scars have improved in 2 weeks ! They are very thin and less noticeable now. Also, I've been worried about uneven coloring and dullness around my mouth, but
both are improving and I'm very satisfied! Recommended!!!!

Quan Shuren

Since I started using it recently, the wrinkles around my eyes are less noticeable. The feeling of use is a firm nodding cream, and it is rubbed in with the feeling of stretching and massaging the skin. I don't mind the scent at all. Fine wrinkles can be improved with this. Recommended

Jennifer Ortega

Highly moisturizing and less irritating. if you are worried about the stimulation of whitening products. Please try it.

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