POLA White Shot Inner Tablet IXS N 60 tablets for 30 days

New "WHITE SHOT Inner Lock Tablet IXS" is born.White Shot Inner Lock Tablet IXS contains POLA's original...
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New "WHITE SHOT Inner Lock Tablet IXS" is born.

White Shot Inner Lock Tablet IXS contains POLA's original ingredients "Myo MG Extract", "Tulsi Extract", and "Devil's Claw Extract", as well as POLA's original complex ingredients "Microblanols EX", "Bayberry Bark S", "YAC Extract", and "Melon Glycodin".

Myo MG Extract is POLA's original ingredient extracted from mango ginger, a spicy vegetable of the ginger family that is cultivated for food in India. The rhizome is used in India as a pickle and as a spicy vegetable. In India, the rhizome is used as a pickle and a spicy vegetable. Tulsi extract is extracted from Tulsi, a herb in the genus Mehbooba, which is valued in Ayurveda. Devil's Claw Extract is extracted from Devil's Claw, a herb native to South Africa with a distinctive fruit shape. Devil's claw has a long history of use as an anti-inflammatory plant.



1 Improves dull skin tone and uneven skin tone.

2 Lighten spots and freckles.

3 Reduce acne and acne marks.

4 Relieve melanin and pigmentation.

5 Smooth and white skin.

6 Lightens fine lines and delicate skin.



“White Shot Inner Lock Tablet Ixs N” is a well-balanced formula of POLA original ingredients (Myo MG extract, Microbrannol EX, Melon glisodin, Bayberry Burke S, YAC extract, etc.).It is a beauty health food that works to support translucence from within. Approaching transparency from inside the body with 2 tablets a day as a guide.

POLA original raw ingredients:

Myo MG extract
An ingredient extracted from the plant “Mango Ginger”, whose name is derived from the fact that it has a scent like raw mango and a flavor of ginger. It has been popular as an edible material in India for a long time, and is known as a material that is expected to support body circulation.

Tulsi extract
Ingredients extracted from the herb “Tulsi”, which is classified in the genus Basil, which is useful in Ayurveda.

Devil’s Claw Extract
Contains an extract extracted from the herb “Devil’s Claw”, which is native to South Africa and has a characteristic fruit shape. “Devil’s Claw” has a long history of being used as a plant that suppresses inflammation.

Microbrannol EX
Brannor is an ingredient found in the heartwood of “Indian mushrooms” that grow in India. “Indian mushrooms” that grow even in harsh environments have been used in India for a long time as a valuable plant that symbolizes vitality. Microbrannol EX is made by finely crushing it to improve its solubility.

Bayberry Burke S
POLA original raw material that contains the ingredients extracted from rosemary and bayberry bark extracted from the bark of bayberry called bayberry in the original balance.

YAC extract
POLA original raw material extracted from carefully selected mugwort to a high concentration using a unique manufacturing method.

Melon Grisodin
An ingredient extracted from a special melon from the Avignon region of southern France, which is less likely to be damaged than ordinary melons and has long-lasting properties. Much attention has been paid to this excellent power.


🍑Suitable for the crowd🍑

People with whitening skin, acne marks on the face, and pigmentation after injury.


🍑Method of administration🍑

2 capsules on the 1st, taken in the morning, the best results.

It does not matter whether it is fasting or not, and it is not irritating to the stomach.

Cases such as physiological period, colds, etc., if the stomach is not uncomfortable. can be taken it.

If you are taking Chinese medicine and other items, it is recommended to follow the doctor's advice.



60 Tablets; 30 Days




Indian Kinoxi (India Production), Reduced Barstic Sugar Square Wheelpoles, Peach Flower Extension (Peach Flower Extract, Dextrin), Yomogi Equi, Rosemary Extension, Mango Ginger Extender (Dextrin, Mango Ginger Extract), Devils Cllow extract, Tulsacy extract, Melon extract (including dextrin (including wheat), wheat glyzine, Melone concentrate) / crystalline cellulose, vitamin C, cyclodextrin, sucrose fatty acid ester, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, fine granules Silicon dioxide, vitamin E, coloring material (titanium dioxide, murasaki cone pigment, acadorocon), purelane (pullulan), glycerin fatty acid ester, corn tan white, carnaubarow

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