POLA Green Fibre Beauty Green Juice 90 bags

🍑Introduction🍑 With the power of 10 kinds of materials that are difficult to take, we support clear...
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With the power of 10 kinds of materials that are difficult to take, we support clear everyday life from inside the body. A slightly sweet matcha kinako flavored green juice.

Mainly, sweet potatoes grown without pesticides by contract farmers at the foot of Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, which is rich in nature. Protect your beauty. It is a powder type that dissolves quickly in water with a slightly sweet matcha kinako flavor that is easy for anyone to drink. As a nutritional supplement instead of vegetables, it is recommended for those who are concerned about undernourishment, those who eat out a lot, and those who are concerned about their eating habits. It is individually wrapped and easy to carry, so you can drink it at any time, not just when you eat.

* Kansho is another name for sweet potato.

Material that supports clear beauty from the inside of the body

<Nutrition facts label> Per bag (4.5g)

LIPID 0.06 to 0.17g CALCIUM 67.5mg
CARBOHYDRATE 3.7g IRON 0.02-0.8mg

Young barley leaf powder 1080 mg, sweet potato young leaf powder 22.5 mg, euglena powder 0.11 mg, fermented grain extract (containing live enzyme) 2.7 mg,
gold and silver flower extract 0.45 mg, kudzu flower extract 20 mg, cherry blossom extract 0.5 mg, isoflavone 0.3 mg

🍑How To Use🍑

Take 1 to 2 bags a day as a guide, and dissolve in 100 to 170 mL of cold water or hot water for each bag. You can enjoy it deliciously by adding it to milk or soy milk if you like.



90 bags



Barley grass powder (domestic production), polydextrose (water-soluble dietary fiber), indigestible dextrin (water-soluble dietary fiber), brown sugar, isomaltodextrin (water-soluble dietary fiber), soy milk powder, green soybean flour, matcha, spirulina powder , sweet potato young leaf powder, arrowroot flower extract, fermented plant extract, fermented cereal extract, cherry blossom extract, soybean germ extract, euglena powder, gold and silver flower extract/coral calcium, (wheat, soybean, sesame, orange, peach) (including apples, bananas, kiwifruit, walnuts, and yams)

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