Pelican Peach Scented Exfoliate Whitening Hip Care Soap 80g

🍑Introduction🍑 FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOUR HIP. From long hours at the desk or friction and fastening...
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FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOUR HIP. From long hours at the desk or friction and fastening from the underwear, keratins get accumulated around your hip. It is essential to remove accumulated keratins to maintain smooth and plump bottom.

Hip is an area usually hidden under clothes, but it is also an area prone too many skin troubles. Long hours at the desk and friction from underwear, hip is in stressful condition. Every woman wants to feel beautiful even in areas not exposed. We named this soap "Falling in love hip soap" in japanese because we wanted you to fall in love with not just the cute shape of the soap but also with the bath time filled with fresh peach scent and happiness. We create this soap with wish to support every woman to have confidence!



Darkening - Darkening of skin occurs from constant friction and fastening from the underwear.

Rough spots - From long hours of desk work, a load is applied to your hip rather constantly which causes keratins to accumulate and create rough spots.

Blemishes - Stuffiness around hip area causes blemishes. Especially in the summer!






Soap ground, water, glycerin, flavor, NaCI, BG, EDTA-4Na, aloe vera juice, peach kernel, mannan, triclocarban, etidronic acid, peach leaf extract, etidronic acid 4Na, Gluconobacter / honeycomb fermented solution, arch Chalk leaf extract, citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid, tea leaf extract, glucose, iron oxide, loquat leaf extract, kiwi extract, peach seed extract

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Have problem with back acne of my life, I have try many body product and even dermatological product but all of that didnt work well. So lucky that this product can help with my acne.

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