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🍑Introduction🍑 NS FaFa Japan Co., Ltd. Laundry series “Farfa Story” with the theme of “Farfa x Picture Book”...
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NS FaFa Japan Co., Ltd. Laundry series “Farfa Story” with the theme of “Farfa x Picture Book” Softener, detergent, and air freshener will be released nationwide from early March 2021
With a gentle prescription and a design with a “picture book” motif, it brings healing to everyday life.



★ Adopts a gentle scent that fits into the daily life of the family. This series includes fruit parties (scent of fruity musk) and Sora no Osanpo (scent of floral soap).
We have adopted two types that are characterized by a gentle and faint scent that is familiar to the family’s daily life.
With its gentle scent and reliable performance, it is a pleasant experience for the whole family! “Farfa Story Softener”
★ 48 hours antibacterial effect (* 2)
Antibacterial, deodorant, and deodorant components spread to each fiber and suppress the generation of odor.
After washing, a faint gentle scent remains, so you can dry the room if you are worried about odors.
● High water absorption
As it has high water absorption, it is perfect for the clothing of small children who easily sweat.
It absorbs sweat quickly to prevent stuffiness and stickiness of the skin and keeps the skin smooth.
● Contains plant-derived soft ingredients, no coloring agents or silicone For families with young children, it contains only the necessary ingredients and no extras.
It gives a soft finish that is gentle on the skin.
The combination with fabric softener and 48-hour antibacterial performance solves all odor problems (* 3)! “Farfa Story Ultra-Compact Detergent”
★ Prescription that enhances the scent of fabric softener
Uses a scent that goes well with the Snuggle Story softener. In addition, the high-penetration antibacterial technology thoroughly deodorizes bad odors, further enhancing the original scent of fabric softener.
● High detergency and antibacterial performance that lasts for 48 hours In addition to high detergency, it has antibacterial performance that lasts for 48 hours, so it not only solves all the odors that you care about at home, such as room drying odor, sweat odor, aging odor, pet odor, but also corona. We will respond firmly to the growing antibacterial needs due to the influence of.
Bringing healing to the family’s daily life even in scenes other than washing, such as in the car or in the bathroom
“Farfa Story Air Freshener”






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