KOBAYASHI One-Drop Deodorizer For Toilet #Rose 20ml

🍑Introduction🍑 One-Drop Deodorizer is small and easy to use, ideal when travelling or for use at home....
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One-Drop Deodorizer is small and easy to use, ideal when travelling or for use at home. The small bottle fits easily inside your purse or pocket. To get rid of potentially embarrassing odours, simply squeeze a single drop into the toilet bowl before using it. Quickly you will see odours are reduced and replaced with a forest scent.



Quickly aroma by dropping 1-2 drops in the toilet.

Portable mini bottle that can be used easily even on the go.

It is effective even if you use it before using the toilet.






Customer Reviews

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Michelle Rodriguez

It's bigger than I expected si it's gonna last long ! so happy with it ! plus, it smells so good !

Kayla Johnson

This really smell like roses. I've never used anything like this until now and I can say that it works. It's a small container that can be carried around in any purse for when it's time to be used. I recommend it!

Jennifer Dickson

I love this product. I was skeptical since I am a big fan of Poo-pouri. 1 to 2 drops before you go is actually sufficient. When I am done, I add a couple of drops in a clean toilet and it makes the bathroom smell nice. Plus, you can take it with you without anyone knowing. I love it.

Danielle Zimmerman

Fragrance becomes effective in seconds! Scent might smell "sweet" to some but it's not overwhelmingly potent, as long as you use one drop as directed.

Nicole Black

I put one tiny drop and pooped and it masked all the smell. Amazing. I would definitely buy this again but seems like it will last a long time.

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