KOBAYASHI Naitomin Sleeping Mouth Tape Snore (Lavender) 21pcs

🍑Introduction🍑 Simply stick it on the upper and lower lips of the mouth to ensure that you...
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Simply stick it on the upper and lower lips of the mouth to ensure that you can make good use of nose breathing when sleeping.
Promote nasal breathing, help relieve dry throat and reduce snoring,
Helps sleep (according to internal test results, the effect may vary from person to person)
With skin-friendly silicone adhesive, it is easy and painless to tear off when you wake up.




Material:  Adhesive: Silicon-based / Non-woven fabric: Polyester


Customer Reviews

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Kayla Garcia

I find these strips stick really well and keep my lips firmly stuck together all night to keep me nose breathing. My teeth slightly 'overbite' so its a challenge to keep my lips closed while sleeping without something sticking them together. I feel so much better in the morning if I have been nose breathing rather than mouth breathing overnight. To be specific, I wake feeling calmer and clearer. A night of mouth breathing means I wake feeling anxious and unsettled which can stay with me for a good few hours if not all day. These are my favourite mouth strips and I will probably be a life-long user! They give me better feeling days : )

Sheila Tapia

They do work when they stick on. I mean what an excuse to tape a mouth shut 🤫 😉 seriously peaceful sleep whenever they stick but the adhesive is a bit unpredictable.
I have learned to wait until one is firmly in place before rolling off any grievances. Bit expensive for what they are but it depends on how you make use of them. 😉😂☺️

Samantha Wolf

Works like magic. No longer do I wake up several times during the night with a dry sore throat. For years I have suffered from an uncomfortable throat, hoarse throat and difficulty swallowing. I breathe quite comfortably during the night through my nose and feel happy that I have solved a problem that was beginning to worry me.

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