KOBAYASHI Naitomin Sleeping Mouth Tape Snore/Better Nose Breath 21pcs

🍑Introduction🍑 Simply stick it on the upper and lower lips of the mouth to ensure that you...
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Simply stick it on the upper and lower lips of the mouth to ensure that you can make good use of nose breathing when sleeping.
Promote nasal breathing, help relieve dry throat and reduce snoring,
Helps sleep (according to internal test results, the effect may vary from person to person)
With skin-friendly silicone adhesive, it is easy and painless to tear off when you wake up.




Material:  Adhesive: Silicon-based / Non-woven fabric: Polyester




Customer Reviews

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Holly Wilson

Easy to take on an off, which means if you need a drink in the middle of the night, you can do that and then replace the tape. I found it possible to use for several nights before I need to replace with a new one.

Jessica Brown

These are great strips. They took a little bit of getting used to, and to overcome being self-conscious wearing them. Everything is fine now. I wear a strip every night. I sleep more deeply and I no longer make heavy breathing noises through mouth breathing. My partner has not had a complaint about my sleeping noises since I started using these strips. I'm very happy with them.

Brittany Barron

It's really weird to tape your mouth up and head off to sleep, however, these strips do their job. I found for the first few nights that I was very aware of my mouth being closed and took a little longer to settle, but within a few nights, it didn't even bother me. My partner noticed a massive difference in my snoring, that was a win.

Carol Allen

Good product, gives me a nice deep sleep, amazing the difference only breathing through your nose, very important. I get 2-3 uses out of each one. I wish they were cheaper.

Jacqueline Johnson

Well designed product, Just didn't work

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