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🍑Introduction🍑 KATE DESIGNING EYEBROW 3D~ A 3-shade (dark, medium and light) eyebrow powder palette that gives the...
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A 3-shade (dark, medium and light) eyebrow powder palette that gives the eyes depth by creating natural natural eyebrows and shadowing the nose bridge.

Comes with an eyebrow brush that enables easy delicate application to small areas like the outer end of eyebrows & a nose shadow brush.



1 Create 3D eyebrows with 3 shades of light to dark gradation

The 3 shades have been continually improved so that anyone can easily create 3D eyebrows by applying the shades to their matching areas.

2 Airy and matte texture that blends with skin

A texture that melts into the skin without overly standing out.

Designed to fit and blend in naturally.

3 Double-sided brush draws fine lines as well as creating a soft-looking finish

A versatile brush that reduces shaking and can be used in a variety of ways.


🍑How To Use🍑

[Eyebrow powder]

(1) Put an appropriate amount of powder onto the brush, and adjust on the back of your hand before application.

(2) Mix the powders in the upper and middle sections to create different shades you like, and draw the whole eyebrow while blending the borders.

Apply a lighter shade to the inner end of the eyebrow, and a slightly darker shade to the outer half, to produce a gradation to give the eyebrow depth.

(3) Apply the powder in the upper section for fine drawing from the peak of the brow arch to the outer end.



Talc, mica, kaolin, diphenylsiloxyphenyltrimethicone, dimethicone, di(phytosteryl/octyldodecyl) lauroylglutamate, ethylhexyl hydroxystearate, stearoylglutamic acid 2Na, Al hydroxide, zinc myristate, ethylparaben, methylparaben, sodium dehydroacetate, (+/-) Gunjou, iron oxide, red 226

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