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🍑Introduction🍑 Supreme beauty oil can restore skin from damages and give skin a beautiful glow. It's weightless...
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Supreme beauty oil can restore skin from damages and give skin a beautiful glow. It's weightless and able to be absorbed by skin quickly. Squalane has 4 key features for improving skin problems:

- Foster cell regeneration, anti-aging
- Arouse collagen generation, enhancing elasticity
- Remove lines and wrinkles, giving smooth face
- Water-trapping, significantly improve the dry skin problem

With Clinical Validation, after using Squalane 30 days consecutively, the skin has significant improvement such that it becomes smooth and bright*.



1. HABA’s original squalane oil formulated with plant.

2. The plant-derived squalane provides a smooth and light feel on your skin.

3. The function of squalane contained in this new product is the same as that of the SQUALANE (shark liver-derived squalane).

・ Excellent in skin permeability, squalane is colorless, odorless, harmless, and gentle on the skin.

・ Exfoliating action: Softens skin by preventing hardening of keratin, and metabolizes dead cells smoothly.

・ Skin respiration stimulant action: Stimulates skin respiration to activate metabolism.

・ Assimilation effect: Assimilates into sebum in the epidermis. The skin’s natural ability also helps squalane spontaneously emulsify the moisture provided to the skin.

・ Vehicle effect: Helps other products used together (toner, etc.) penetrate deep into the skin, much like a vehicle transports luggage. Softening effect: Makes skin thinner and softener. It is considered a natural skin softener.

・ With great resistance to high temperature, this oil will not easily oxidize or change in quality.

- No.1 Facial Oil @ Cosme Best Cosmetics Awards 2015
- No.1 Facial Oil @ Cosme Best Cosmetics Awards 2012
- No.1 Facial Oil @ Japanese beauty magazine "Biteki" 2012
- 2nd prize in lotion / cream / facial oil category @ Japan "Yahoo Beauty"





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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Bailey Salazar

This is my favorite face oil. It has no smell or color. The price is expensive but you only use a couple drops each time so lasts a long time. It absorbs into my skin well leaving no oily feel or make your skin look oily. It moisturizes/ locks in moisture to my skin, which i need.

Margaret Duncan

I have senstive and blemish skin. I came across this brand when I was looking for a lightweight moisturizer to put on my dry flaky cheeks because of Differin. I only need a drop of it, rub it on my palms before patting it to my cheeks afer differin every nite. After a few days I notice my sensitive bumps has been clear and my skin is not flaky anymore. This product will be good for ppl with sensitive/drying skin and esp good if u r using topics disfectants or AHA/BHA/retin-a/differin. But be careful not to apply too much, nvr overload the skin.

Hou Chin

fixed my eczema in less than a week when used in conjunction with fractionated coconut oil. i don't use HABA--i use Mayumi, which is derrived from sharks. the review below is partially correct--squalene is what is naturally occurring in humans. squalane is derived from other sources that are not human--we break down plant/animal oils to mimic natural occurring squalene for human use. anyway, what i do is put one oz of Mayumi in a huge spray bottle then fill it the rest of the way up with fractionated coconut oil. i use that as opposed to regular lotions/creams. your body has to adjust to using oils as opposed to creams--best way is to apply after washing your skin.

Ashley Price

I can imagine that this product might not be for everyone as it can get rather oily or messy. However, it has saved my face coz I had really bad eczema for years! With time, my skin is getting stronger and smoother! I think the squalene does live up to its claims! Oily skin may not like it though.

Amy Woodward

2 drops of Squalance mix with G Lotion provides enough moisturization for me in humid summer days. This is just a very basic staple.

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