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🍑Introduction🍑 HABA Job’s Tears Tablets are an original formula based on domestic Job’s Tears. Moreover, essential vitamins...
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HABA Job’s Tears Tablets are an original formula based on domestic Job’s Tears.

Moreover, essential vitamins and minerals blend seamlessly with Job’s Tear powder to aid natural skin turnover and regulate intestinal function.

HABA mills Job’s Tears whole in the husk to add natural dietary fiber, which aids healthy digestion.

HABA’s proprietary blending technology allows the protein in Job’s Tears more to be absorbed by the body more easily.  

HABA’s Job’s Tears Tablets also contain copper, which aids in healthy skin growth.

HABA uses only premium and responsibly-sourced Job’s Tears.


🍑Recommend for🍑

Adults looking to maintain beauty and health

Adults seeking a dietary supplement to promote health and comfort

People who want to look young and beautiful






Pouch: 30g (200mg × 150 tablets) 30 day supply

Bottle: 90g (200mg x 450 tablets) 90 day supply


🍑How To Use🍑

Take about 5pcs a day with water.


🍑Product Precautions & Details🍑

HABA adds NO chemical colors, fragrances, or preservatives to its products.  Please note the following:

The slight product smell or fragrance is all-natural; no chemicals are added to mask the smell;

A rapid or extreme change in temperature may discolor the product; this will not affect the product’s safety or effectiveness;

After opening the product for the first time, use or discard all product within one (1) year.


450 tablets


HABA Yiren Pill and Yimi Essence Mei Muscle Tabletsdescription

Job’s tears decomposition product, reduced maltose starch syrup, vegetable oil containing Vitamin E, cellulose, Vitamin C, calcium stearate, zinc gluconate, folic acid, licorice extract, calcium pantothenate, modified starch, copper gluconate, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, potassium chloride (contains traces of soy).

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