FUJIKO Deko Shadow Everybody Brown Hairline Power 4g

🍑Introduction🍑 Simply apply on the forehead or edge of the hair to achieve a small face effect....
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Simply apply on the forehead or edge of the hair to achieve a small face effect. Without using water, dry powder is firmly fixed on the skin, and it is difficult to drop even with sweat and sebum.


- Pretends to be a shadow of the hairline, realizes a natural small face.
- Covers thin hair of an embarrassing hairline firmly and makes a youthful impression.
- For mother who suffering from hair loss after childbirth
- Also on the hairline and the dividing line When you want to add sideburns


🍑How To Use🍑

- Apply onto hair line or area of hair loss.
- Use the sponge to pat on 1-2cm from the root of the hair.






Purified water BG moisturizing Glycerin maltitol hyaluronate Na brown algae extract fermented soybean extract hydrolyzed soy protein Aroeberaekisu -1 Kakkonekisu chlorella extract squalane avocado oil licorice flavonoid Kawarayomogiekisu Ougonekisu hydrolyzed silk Bifidobacteria fermented extract allantoin glycyrrhizinate 2K tocopherol chloride carbomer potassium hydroxide methyl paraben

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Teddy Vazquez

cover well and natural finish.

Darrin Mejia

It was as good as everyone's reviews. I'm really glad I bought it! If you are worried about your forehead, I think you can try it before you worry!

Han Xian

Nice ~

Nikki Manning

Use it everyday and no irritate the skin or itchy.

Nancy Gardner

Very greatful with this product. I was able to show my forehead for the first time.

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