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CUREL Makeup Cleansing Gel 珂润保湿卸妆啫喱 130g
CUREL Makeup Cleansing Gel 130g

CUREL Makeup Cleansing Gel 130g

🍑Introduction🍑 Curél Makeup Cleansing Gel~ Curél Makeup Cleansing Gel thoroughly removes makeup including long lasting foundation from...
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Curél Makeup Cleansing Gel~

Curél Makeup Cleansing Gel thoroughly removes makeup including long lasting foundation from deep within pores while protecting ceramide.

Soft gel spreads easily on skin without the need for excessive rubbing and leaves skin comfortably clean.

It also helps to improve your skin's natural barrier function, soothe and protect skin from dryness.



Mild yet effective gel removes makeup gently

Designed specifically for dry, sensitive skin, the mild and silky Curél Makeup Cleansing Gel gently and thoroughly removes makeup from deep within the pores while hydrating the skin.

It softly cleanses away impurities while protecting the natural ceramides from being washed off the skin.

Mild, silky formula

Thoroughly removes makeup while protecting ceramides

pH balanced, fragrance free, colorant free





🍑How To Use🍑

Use on dry face.

Apply a cherry size amount of Curél Makeup Cleansing Gel to dry hands and gently massage into the dry skin in a circular motion allowing the mild and silky cleanser to lift oil-based impurities from deep inside the pores. 

To remove eye makeup, gently smooth over eyelids from top to bottom.

Then lift eyelashes and move fingers in a zig-zag motion.


How to use:
Use on dry face and apply 2cm cherry size amount to dry hands. Gently massage into your dry skin in a circular motion, and smooth over eyelids from top to bottom in a zig-zag motion.

Why you’ll love it:
Designed for dry and sensitive skin, Curél’s Makeup Cleansing Gel is your first step to a fool-proof routine. I really appreciate how this oil-based cleanser has a formula that is pH balanced, hypoallergenic, fragrance and colorant-free. Not to mention its soothing soft-gel texture that spreads easily on the skin so you don’t need to over-rub your face which can cause unnecessary irritation to your sensitive skin. It removes long-lasting makeup and lifts any oil-based impurities from deep within your pores while protecting ceramide and improving your skin’s natural barrier without stripping away any hydration.


Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate*, liquid paraffin, isononyl isononanoate, PEG laurylate, octyldodecanol, POE(20) sorbitan oleate, POE sorbit tetraoleate, alkyl-1,3-dimethylbutyl ether, dimethicone, light isoparaffin, isostearic acid Polyglyceryl, POE(20) sorbitan trioleate, isostearyl glyceryl ether, water, myristyl alcohol, DPG, POE hydrogenated castor oil, BG, cholesteryl isostearyl pentaerythryl glyceryl ether, cholesteryl isostearate, POE(6) sorbitan oleate , Succinic acid, and phenoxyethanol

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