CANMAKE Perfect Stylist Eyes #23 Almond Canelé

🍑Introduction🍑 Enjoy 2 different looks with just 1 palette!● The main shades are located at the top...
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Enjoy 2 different looks with just 1 palette!
● The main shades are located at the top right and bottom left, so you can create two different looks according to whether you go clockwise or anticlockwise!
Choose your look according to your mood each day.
Clockwise: A→B→D
Anticlockwise: A→C→D

Clings to your eyelids
●A moist powder formulation, containing squalane.
Fine, smooth particles that cling to your lids without powder scatter!

Glitter shadow offering complete control of your sparkle level!
● The high-luster glitter shadow in the center of the palette is cleverly designed to provide sparkle while adding barely any color.
It opens up a wider range of possibilities according to how you use it ♪

Apply first
Apply the glitter shadow over the whole eyelid before applying A to subtly enhance the shimmer of the eyeshadows applied over it.
Perfect when you want just a faint sparkle.

Apply last
Apply the glitter shadow in the center of your eyelids after applying D to create sparkling, lustrously defined eyes.
Ideal when you want to look properly glamorous.

On your lower lids
Apply the glitter shadow to your lower eyelids to emphasize the plump under-eye area and make your eyes look bigger!



No.02 Baby Beige
No.05 Pinky Chocolat
No.10 Sweet Flamingo
No.14 Antique Ruby
No.16 Double Sunshine
No.18 Bitter Sweet Memory
No.19 Urban Copper 
No.22 Apricot Peach 
No.23 Almond Canelé 
No.24 Mellow Milk Tea
No.25 Mimosa Orange




CANMAKE 井田制药 完美高效眼影新包装 多色选商品描述


CANMAKE 井田制药 完美高效眼影新包装 多色选商品描述

CANMAKE 井田制药 完美高效眼影新包装 多色选商品描述

CANMAKE 井田制药 完美高效眼影新包装 多色选商品描述


CANMAKE 井田制药 完美高效眼影新包装 多色选商品描述


CANMAKE 井田制药 完美高效眼影新包装 多色选商品描述


CANMAKE 井田制药 完美高效眼影新包装 多色选商品描述


CANMAKE 井田制药 完美高效眼影新包装 多色选商品描述

Squalane, diisostearyl malate, hexa(hydroxystearic acid/stearic acid/rosin acid) dipentaerythrityl, triethylhexanoin, diphenyl dimethicone, methylparaben, butylparaben, tocopherol, silica, zinc stearate, talc, borosilicate (Ca/Al) ), mica, synthetic fluorophlogopite, tin oxide, titanium oxide, iron oxide, aluminum hydroxide

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