AXXZIA Beauty Force Treatment Mask #AG Aging Care Type 7pcs

🍑Introduction🍑 AXXZIA Beauty Force Treatment Masks comes in three different types, each formulated with a specific combination...
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AXXZIA Beauty Force Treatment Masks comes in three different types, each formulated with a specific combination of beauty ingredients that cater to varying skin conditions influenced by factors such as skin type and the season. All three vrieties contain carefully selected ocean-sourced ingredients to deliver moisture to the skin and improve its condition. 



Beauty Force Treatment Mask AG
Care for signs of aging*1

The AG variety is aimed at people concerned about particularly dry skin, and who wish to carry out thorough aging care*2. With its rich, milky-white beauty serum, this sheet mask has the highest moisture-retaining properties in the line-up, and leaves skin feeling fully moisturized. Two types of skin-conditioning seaweed extract*3 and luster-adding plankton extract transmit the beauty ingredients of the ocean to your skin, while hexapeptide-3 helps create skin that is both soft and firm. The rich firmness and softness delivered by the mask helps mitigate skin damage built up over many years, and results in skin that glows with allure.

Key ingredients
◼ Two types of seaweed extract*3 (skin-conditioning substance) Help create skin that appears well-conditioned.
◼ Plankton extract (substance for glowing skin) Imbues skin with a firm luster.
◼ Astaxanthin (moisturizing substance)
Also known as a carotenoid of the seas, its moisturizing properties help create a brightening skin.
◼ Hexapeptide-3 (substance for moisturizing and glowing skin) Helps create a richly dewy and firm skin.
*1 Dryness, and lack of firmness
*2 Care for aging skin
*3 Ascophyllum nodosum extract, and asparagopsis armata extract


🍑How To Use🍑

After cleansing and toning, apply sheet mask and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. After removing the mask, softly tap the remaining beauty serum into your skin using your palm. The beauty serum remaining in the package can also be applied to your neck, elbows, knees, and heels.

AXXZIA Beauty Force Treatment Mask #GK Repairing Type 7pcs


Water, BG, Glycerin, Betain, Glycosyltre Halose, Eringium Maritim Calsus culture, Christmam Maritimam Culture, Calnosine, hydrolyzed concrete extract, ascopofilmnodosum extract, ascofilmnodosum extract, plankton extract, plankton extract , Asparagpa Gops Armata Extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide -1, Hexappeptide -2, Hexappeptide -3, tocopipeptide -3, tocopipeptide -3, Squaralan, physterols, dextrans, hydrolyzed lecithin, hydrolyzed hydrolysis dick, heyzan all, hey. Pentralenrichol, (styrene / VP) copolimer, (acrylic acid hydroxyethyl / acrylicoyl dimethyl taurine Na) Copolimer, PEG -60 water flasher, cissant gum, polyison bate 60, isostearlin acid, sorvic acid, sorbic acid k, sorbitol, sorbitol, sorbitol. Citric acid, citric acid, phenethyl alcohol, carbomer, (acrylate / acrylic acid alkyl (C10-30)) cross polymer, hydroxide K, phenoxyetanol, fragrance.

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