AXXZIA AGTheory AG Drink X 25ml*30
AXXZIA AGTheory AG Drink X 25ml*30

AXXZIA AGTheory AG Drink X 25ml*30

POWER & BEAUTY DRINKA carefully selected mix of herbs for an ideal beauty drink.Live a life of...
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A carefully selected mix of herbs for an ideal beauty drink.
Live a life of graceful beauty by supporting your inner beauty from the passing of time.

Devil Nuts, also known as Water caltrop,
Is the are a key ingredient in their formula. They not only boost metabolism but also enhance skin resilience while providing nourishment and hydration. Discover the secret to graceful aging with AG DRINK X, which contains 100mg of powdered courgette extract per bottle.

Collagan 2,000mg (per bottle)
Each bottle of contains 2,000mg of Collagen, sourced from fish skin and scales. Collagen, a vital protein, is typically difficult to absorb in its natural form. To ensure maximum effectiveness, Axxzia have incorporated a low molecular weight collagen that delivers exceptionally satisfying results.

Features a harmonious combination of five carefully selected
Naturally derived ingredients. From mixed herbs to amla fruit, pomegranate fruit, fennel, and mulberry leaf, each element adds its unique touch to enhance the overall effectiveness of the drink.

No preservatives, coloring agents, caffeine

AXXZIA AGTheory AG Drink X 25ml*30
Collagen peptide (including gelatin) (domestic manufactured), multiphol shirap, erythritol, tobish extract, end of mulberry extract, edible amani oil, pomegranate fruit extract, end of fennel extract, Amura (Indsguri) fruits extract, mixed herb Exclusive extract (Malt Desktrin, Dokudami, Sanzashi, edible chrysanthemum flowers, grapes), edible oils / and sour floors, stabilizers (pectins), emulsifiers, fragrances, sweeteners (Scrarlice, Assulfam K)

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